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Work Information

Professional experience

Cultural Attaché, Italian Embassy, New Delhi, India (1997-1998)

Director, Italian Cultural Institute, San Francisco, CA, USA (1994 - 1996)

Cultural Attaché, Italian Embassy, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1991-1994)

Position of cultural attache and director of an Italian Cultural Institute involves planning of cultural events, educational programs, intercultural exchanges, public relations at managerial and diplomatic level, responsibility of government funds, administration and management of a cultural center.

Lecturer of Italian Language at the following Universities:

Universiti Malaya - Language Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1991-1993)

National Somali University, Mogadishu, Somalia (1982-1984)

Teachers' trainer in Computer Aided Instruction and Language Teaching Methodology (1987-1991)

Teacher of English language and literature, in state secondary schools, Italy, (1972-1991)

In my position as Cultural Attaché, (1991-1998) I have created and/or coordinated several projects.

Some of the them are outlined below.

In the South-East Asia region:

In San Francisco:

In India:

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    Recent Projects

  • Co-founder and manager of the Sao Mai Education Fund, HCM, Vietnam (2002-today)

  • Creation, maintenance and upgrading of a Computer Room for the Ban Mae Toh School, in the Province of Chiang Mai, Thailand (1998-2006).

  • Education and Technology Advisor in the Sao Mai Computer Center for the Blind of HCM City, Vietnam (2002-2004).

  • Education and Technology Coordinator in the EU project of creating a Computer Center for the Blind in HCM City, Vietnam (1999-2001).

  • English Language teaching at Loikaw Diocese House in Yangon, Burma (1999).

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19 July 1947, Rome, Italy


Currently living in the Province of Khon Kaen, North-East of Thailand

Current position

Retired, from 1 September 1998

Co-founder and manager of  Sao Mai Education Fund, HCM City, Vietnam.


Doctor Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures, 1971, University of Rome, Italy

Certified Teacher of English Language and Literature, Italian Ministry of Education, 1977

Foreign Languages Special Project, (Three-year Post-graduate Specialization Course in Language Teaching Methodology),   Italian Ministry of Education, 1986-1988

Professional skills

Authoring of language teaching material

Training of language teachers

Expert in CAI (Computer Assisted Instruction), CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) and Audio-Visual Teaching Aids

Expert in computer accessibility for blind users

Expert in design, set up, and administration of educational computer networks

Management of Cultural Centres


Native Italian speaker; Fluent spoken and written English; Elementary Spoken Thai.

Intermediate spoken and written French; Elementary Spanish;


Personal Interests

    Computer Assisted Instruction (Hypertext systems and non-linear thinking; Internet resources for Education and Research);

    Installation and set-up of computer environments and local networks for education;

    Computer accessibility for blind users;

    Language laboratory.